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  • 01 Credit Bonus

    Since April 29th, 2019, Credit $1, you will get 2 tickets.
    Tickets can be used in Gift Store and tickets are universal no matter you credit in any server.
    Credit more, and gain more.

    • V1
    • V2
    • V3
    • V4
    • V5
    • V6
    • V7

    Credit Requirement for Account VIP Level

  • 02 Monthly Rewards

    VIP account (according to the VIP level on the 1st of current month) credits certain amount in one month can get related monthly reward.
    One account can only claim each gift once in a month. Please claim before 22:00 in the last day of a month.
    e.g.: If you are VIP 3 and credit $200 in one month, you can get VIP1,VIP2 and VIP3 reward.
    In this month, you have credited: $0.

    • VIP1

      Yellow Stone*35
      Violet Stone*35
      Red Stone*35
      Small Eudemon Crystal Pack*75
      Small Eudemon Clover Pack*75
      Universal Essence*75
      Warrior EXP Pack*3
      P2 Gift EXP Stone*100
      P1 Gift Promotion Stone
      P2 Gift Promotion Stone
    • VIP2

      Star Weapon Forging Pack*2
      Special Universal O Pack*30
      Small Eudemon Crystal Pack*30
      Small Eudemon Clover Pack*30
      Universal Essence*30
      Favorable Reborn Sphere Bag*30
      Blessing Star Bag*3
      Warrior EXP Pack*3
      P3 Gift EXP Stone*100
      P3 Gift Promotion Stone*1
      Fifi Pet 7-Day Card*2
    • VIP3

      Favorable Reborn Sphere Bag*30
      Divine Panacea Essence*75
      Divine Weapon Forging Pack
      Soul Stone (P-1)
      Soul Stone (P-2)
      Soul Stone (P-3)
      P4 Gift EXP Stone*100
      P4 Gift Promotion Stone
      Blessing Star Bag*10
      Summerlove 14 Days Garment Pack
    • VIP4

      Divine Elemental Equipment Box
      Super Moon Box
      Senior Gem Lucky Pack
      Lv.4 Soul Potion*7
      Wolf Halter 14 Days Pack
      Lucky EXP Stone
    • VIP5

      Saint O [MinorATT50]*2
      Divine Box
      Lv.4 Soul Potion*14
      25x Oracle Gem*5
      Eternal Wing 14 day Chest
    • VIP6

      Saint O [MinorATT55]*2
      P7 Soul Stone
      30* Saint XO Packs*20
      Lv.4 Soul Potion*21
      Lv.5 Soul Potion*7
      Reborn Sphere+3 *70
      Special EXP Bag*20
    • VIP7

      Saint O [MinorATT59]*2
      P8 Soul Stone
      P9 Soul Stone
      Lv.4 Soul Potion*35
      Lv.5 Soul Potion*14
      30* Saint XO Packs*40
      Special Lucky Potion+5 *10
      Special EXP Bag*40
  • 03 Growth Rewards

    From April 29th, 2019, you can get related reward if you credit certain amount.
    e.g.: Credit $400, you can claim the Lv1 – Lv3 Luxury Box.
    You have credited: $0.

    • $0.99
      Super Equipments Set Chest
      Lv.90 Military Medal
      Yellow Stone*70
      Violet Stone*35
      Red Stone*35
      Forestwalker Pack
      500,000 Gold

    • $199
      God Eudemons Stone
      God Tear*10
      Small Eudemon Crystal Pack*35
      Small Eudemon Clover Pack*35
      Universal Essence*35
      Favorable Reborn Sphere Bag*14
      P3 Gift EXP Stone*200
      P3 Gift Promotion Stone*4

    • $399
      Favorable Reborn Sphere Bag*21
      Divine Panacea Essence*35
      P4 Gift EXP Stone*200
      P4 Gift Promotion Stone*4
      Moon Box*5
      Super Citrine
      Fifi Pet Card

    • $999
      Divine Elemental Weapon Box
      Super Moon Box*2
      Super Citrine
      Super Beryl
      Soul Stone (P-4)*2
      Soul Stone (P-5)*2
      Soul Stone (P-6)*2
      Thunder Juice*2
      P5 Gift EXP Stone*200
      P5 Gift Promotion Stone*4
      Summer Garment Pack

    • $1999
      Divine Box
      P6 Gift EXP Stone*200
      P6 Gift Promotion Stone*4
      Halter·Flame Wolf
      Divine Elemental Equipment Box*3

    • $3999
      Divine Box*2
      Immortal Phoenix
      Eternal Wing Chest

    • $7999
      Light of Lord
      Legendary Army Uniform Pack
      Sage Wukong Pack
      King Wukong Pack
  • 04 Birthday Rewards

    The date when your account was registered is your game birthday.
    You can get PPs when you credit TQ Cards during your game birthday and the following week.
    Birthday Rewards are only available for the accounts which are at least one year old.

    TQ Cards Rewards(Up to 60 x 660 PPs)
    $15.99 2 x 660 PPs
    $29.99 4 x 660 PPs
    $59.99 8 x 660 PPs

    During the birthday week , you have credited:

    Card $15.99 x 0

    Card $29.99 x 0

    Card $59.99 x 0

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